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Beautiful summer day with the house hives in the background.  Bees love poppies.

Photo taken on one of the last sunny days in November.  Some of the hives were very respectable going into winter.  The white “slab” with the orange border is in fact a candy board that goes on top of the frames.  It weighs about 15lbs, has sugar top and bottom with a 1lb pollen patty buried in the middle. By the end of January – early february the bees have licked their way into the pollen patty and are happily in proximity to food.  This is my insurance for those wet, wet springs.
The candy board assembly line: 1/4 of the way done.  Good music, good coffee and the wood stove going in the honey house helps!  oh. and a cement mixer for sugar turning.
Mid August, all of September, October and even into November saw savage wasp attacks on just about everyone’s hives on the coast this year.  I had to shut down some hives completely to save them – this bunch of thugs were pretty upset I had shut the gates to the larder. The poor bees were simply unable to defend themselves. 

Wasp biology being what it is.. I fear that summer of 2019 will be worse than 2018.  Wasps produce lots of queens at the end of summer, who then mate, find somewhere to tuck in for the winter at first frost and then become dormant till spring – then they start the process with a new nest site.  The milder and longer the autumn, the more queens that are produced and the longer the parent nest can keep on going with brood production.  Brood production requires food procurement -especially protein (hence your picnic is ruined) and honey bee colonies can be stripped clean of EVERYTHING, your entire apiary can be wiped out before you know it.  And it is not a gentle event.

keep an eye on your girls this summer.