Our Local honey:

Wildflower honey 

Obtained in Spring and late summer; amber coloured, slightly different each year depending on weather and the variety of forage available to each individual apiary location.

A lovely honey with floral tones, sweet with a velvet finish. A local favourite, and an ideal honey for breakfast tea or warm scones

Our first time entering the “honey competition” at the BC Honey Producers AGM – and our late summer Wildflower came home with a ribbon!                                                           
We entered in the 2018 competition and were awarded a 3rd in the “golden” category for our liquid honey and a 2nd in the comb honey category.  Unfortunately there was confusion at the competition this year and ribbons were… lacking and then were notified of our 2nd place after we got home.   Hey!! we placed and that’s all that matters!! 

Blackberry Flower Honey

This honey presents with a brightness on the palate followed by sweet warmth; blackberry flower honey is perfumed and floral.  Blackberry flowers are considered our main nectar flow and from this we collect our comb honey.

This honey is beautiful drizzled over greek yoghurt, savoury cheeses or caramelized pears.

Fireweed Honey

In the long days of late summer, conditions permitting, we move hives up into the mountains where in temporary apiaries, amongst the bright fireweed our bees gather the last substantial honey flow of the season.  The silver lining of forest fires and logging cuts, not always available, weather dependant and quite labour intensive; Fireweed honey has deep tones and a velvet finish ~ a highly coveted honey by all.

Other offerings include

  • Raw Cacao infused with certified organic honey (Chocolate honey)
  • Ceylon Cinnamon infused with certified organic honey
  • Honegar
  • Propolis Tincture

Saskatchewan honey – we used to bring in quite a variety – but with a desire to slow down we only have beautiful clean, Saskatchewan Clover honey.

Why do we offer Saskatchewan honey?

Because it is absolutely delicious, less floral and perfumed than our own and for some, who are used to “white honey” it’s a beautiful option. It’s the honey I grew up with as a little girl and I have many memories of my dad and I having toast and honey with a mug of warm milk before bed.