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SUMMER MARKETS FOR 2020  will be deeply impacted, at least for now, by Covid-19.   Most markets are currently closed and depending on how things go, open air markets, if open, will be modified markets.  Stay tuned to see how that turns out. 

If you need honey – The Gibsons Farm Collective is and will be carrying our products.

Due to closures required by physical distancing, retail locations that carried our honey…well things may be different for a while.  As the season progresses there will be other pickup points at farm stands and we’ll advise where those will be.  I have been asked to sell on-line, but due to the amount of time I spend outside with bees, in the honey house, making product, looking after “home” things – I am not able to reliably be on the computer to monitor and manage an on-line store.  But do monitor this site and as pick up points are established – we go from there.  Send me an email if you have questions. 

We have an amazing community on the Coast.  Everyone doing an amazing job either staying home, staying apart, being creative, supporting each other, supporting businesses.  Everywhere I go as I check my bees I see more and more raised beds going in, people working as neighbourhood hubs creating communication circles, developing plans for backyard growing exchanges.  

Take good care everyone – be like the bees, each individual is working for the good of the colony!

Lets take especially good care of our “nurse bees” and our “guard bees”