Honegar suggestions

Honegar is a blend of organic unfiltered apple cider that contains the “mother” and our local honey.  It is in fact, an old recipe from Vermont that dates from the 1700’s.

The health benefits of raw apple cider vinegar are well known; and the benefits of raw honey are also well known.  What could be better?!

The basic drink ratio:  2 tablespoons of Honegar with 8 oz of fluid – or 1 part vinegar to 4 parts liquid!

Honegar uses: 

  • Honegar “lemonade“: in a tall glass, 1 jigger of honegar, some mint from your garden, ice, and topped off with sparkling water.
  • with hot water for “tea
  • salad dressing (amazing on spinach salad, with some red onion, feta cheese….)
  • in marinades for seafood (we like this as part of our cedar planked bar-b-que salmon or pan seared halibut)
  • pulled pork
  • poaching apples
  • over vanilla ice cream (like you would with balsamic)
  • grilled or seared bitter greens (seriously delicious) sear bok choy in a little olive oil, fresh cracked pepper and a touch smoked salt – as soon as you see the ‘char’ lines in the bok choy sprits with a little honegar just before plating.. yum.   (same for seared asparagus and/or roasted brussels … really any veg that is not ‘sweet’)

The infamous Hard Honegar:

  • 1 jigger of honegar
  • 1 jigger of vodka or 1 jigger of gin if preferred
  • a splash of St. Martin’s ELDERFLOWER Liqueur (not absolutely necessary but is nice)
  • over ice, topped with italian soda of your choice (amazing with Pear italian soda), garnish with fresh frozen summer fruit like black berries and or strawberries, a mint leaf or two.  Even more refreshing when served in a heavy beer type mug that you can freeze before making the drink.

Now put your feet up after a hard day in the bee yards and watch the sun go down!


Customer offered recipe – and beekeeper tested!

Honegar hot toddy 

  • 1 jigger of whiskey
  • 1 jigger of honegar
  • hot water / slice of lemon for garnish