About Roberts Creek Honey

We are located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, a short ferry ride from Vancouver; and within the traditional territory of the Sechelt Nation.

All of our yards are registered with the Provincial Ministry of Agriculture and subject to inspection by the Provincial Bee Inspector.  

We work hard to keep our bees healthy and happy, using methods of integrated pest management that include organic methods of mite control, routine removal and replacement of hive equipment and being a good neighbour by managing spring populations and making every effort to prevent swarming behavior.

Like all other beekeepers…we love our bees.

We took a hit with high winter losses over the 2018/2019 winter. First it was yellow jacket wasps then we had a balmy January followed by a bitter February. Not good for bees. Many of the colonies that survived the wasps had broken cluster in January only to be devastated by minus 18 in the wind and blowing snow.

We, like many beekeepers in the province have been battered by Yellow Jacket wasps savaging our hives. August through October of 2018 was epic, and so far 2019 is shaping up to be another similar situation.

The wasps are now getting desperate for protein and bee colonies are a desirable target.

Big strong hives are pretty capable of fending off the wasps at the front door, however if you have any weak or smaller hives – take care!

Big strong colonies at Suncreek Farm

The Girls are moved from Pratt Farm – the property is changing hands and so a new yard will be sourced. We loved being on the Property with Chris and David and it definitely feels sad to leave.