Where we are and other stuff

2020 season is definitely not what we had expected.

Forage, Fresh air and Sunshine make for happy bees

Where are our apiaries?

Stewart Road, Russell Rd, Highland Road, Gower Point Road, King Rd,  Oldershaw Rd, , Christmas Road, and Tyson Road.  We’ve been moving around a bit – some properties have been listed for sale and some have sold. So we’ve done a bit of a shuffle this year.

As of writing, most of the production hives are up the mountain. They are on the last available nectar flow for this year. It’s been unfortunate so far. We were completely rained out of the spring flow, only managed 50% of the main blackberry flowering period and had to take everything uncapped up into the fireweed. Hopefully that will be redeeming.

Places that carry our honey have been subject to the lack of production for this year. As this moves forward we will let you know where you can pick up honey.

Roberts Creek Community Market   www.facebook.com/rccommunityfarmmarket

Roberts Creek Community Hall / every Wednesday from 1:30 to 5:30

A version of this picture was selected for the Vita Europe 2020 calendar for October! We placed in the top 3 – we were pretty excited and proud!